Refund Policy

Product Refunds

Our refund policy is extremely easy and very friendly.

From the date of your purchase you have 30 days to request a refund which we’ll take care of for you very quickly, no hassle, just shoot us an email with your order #:

We of course hope that if you’re having any difficulty or confusion that you’d post a support request first to hopefully get the issue resolved, which often is usually a simple misunderstanding.

However, we also understand that sometimes people make impulse buys or a product turns out to not meet their specific project’s needs. No worries, we understand and we’ll take care of you.

Service Refunds

There are no refunds for purchased services. You may of course cancel anytime, but because of the nature of services, because it requires hands-on time and work to be spent by staff which cannot be returned, refunds naturally are not possible.

Thank you.