Introducing LeadGen+


A super-fast premium WordPress theme

built to deliver in two core areas:

Speed & Generating Leads

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It builds leads

Carefully crafted on-page elements and back-end functions designed to generate and convert leads.

It's fast

Like, really fast! Rated 100 / 100 on both Google PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom Tools.

It's versatile

Change the look easily with highly configurable options, layouts, shortcodes and typography.

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Enhanced WordPress hosting to give you blistering speed on the back-end as well as the front.

It Builds Leads

At WP Juice we understand that your website needs to generate leads. More leads == more potential sales. That’s why we’ve created LeadGen+ – a premium WordPress theme unlike all the rest. It’s been carefully crafted to take some of the hard-work out of the mammoth task of generating and converting leads.


Page Elements

LeadGen+ comes off the shelf with a bunch of stuff to help you get more leads. Sticky Social Sharing Sidebar, telephone Call To Action, Geolocated Address Directions, built-in Social Shares meta tags and integrated Google Place Reviews to name some.


LeadGen+ is fully responsive making sure your site looks great on desktop, mobile and everything in between. Fixed scrolling headers and prominent contact buttons for directions, email and telephone make it easier for your visitors to get in touch with you.

Social Posting

Enable social posting within the options panel to automatically post your WordPress blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger and Tumblr. This saves you an enormous amount of time whilst enhancing your Social Reach.

Form Monitoring

Simply define your MailChimp api key and mailing list id in the LeadGen+ options panel and get started with the built-in newsletter signup form. LeadGen+ automatically records all sign-up events and shows conversion rates in the WordPress post / page manager.

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It’s Fast

Tired of waiting for your site to load? Well guess what, your visitors are too. So much so that they’ve moved on long before your content has even loaded. Potential leads lost. LeadGen+ isn’t just a few tweaks here and there, it was built from the ground up to be as fast as possible and that’s what it is. PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom Tools both rate it 100 / 100.


Smart Loading

LeadGen+ loads media such as images, maps, videos and audio embeds only when they’re viewable on the screen.

Better still, they’re loaded at the correct size for the space they inhabit whether on desktop, tablet or mobile.


Super-slim streamlined scripts that do their job cleverly. Every line of code has been thought about and meticulously justified.

No bolt-ons here, just one cohesive machine. Our JS file is just 6kb – and that includes Sliders, Carousels, Filterable Grids, Gallery Lightboxes, Tooltips and Ajax Forms.

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It’s Versatile

LeadGen+ really is packed full of all the great features you need without all of the bloat you don’t. This allows you to create practically any layout or design with ease that will load fast and look great. Check out a few demos below that were made in a day. That’s right, we made sites for 5 completely different business areas in 1 day using the LeadGen+ theme.


LeadGen+ as a Digital Agency

View Demo

LeadGen+ as a Beauty Salon

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LeadGen+ as a Automotive Site

View Demo

LeadGen+ as a Corporation

View Demo

LeadGen+ as a Blog

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Admin Options

With a whole host of configurable options, you’ll never be stuck for choice. LeadGen+ can be configured for a variety of styles, without needing to touch a single line of code.


LeadGen+ ships with 4x page layout templates that are specifically tailored towards lead generation. So you can create full, lead generation optimised pages at the click of a button.


LeadGen+ comes packed with a ton of shortcodes to make adding your content a doddle. What’s more, our TinyMCE interface makes creating shortcode-driven pages child’s play.

600+ Fonts

Not only does LeadGen+ allow you to choose from the entire Google Web Font store, it also updates the font list automatically. As the web font store grows, so does your choice.

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Add Hosting


Whilst our LeadGen+ theme can deliver optimised performance for the front-end of your site, our enhanced WordPress hosting is a must for those looking for blistering speed on the back-end.

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